AHA’s whitetail and mule deer hunts take place in the famed Parkland Region of central Alberta. Home to some of the biggest bucks in North America, hunters have a very good opportunity to take the deer of a lifetime.

Our full-service six-day hunts run Monday through Saturday with hunters arriving mid-afternoon on the Sunday before, and departing after their hunt concludes on the Saturday evening. Archery hunts take place in September and October and our rifle hunts occur during the November rut.

A typical day begins with a hearty breakfast, after which hunters are escorted to their stands or blinds where they hunt for the day. While we hunt some field edges, this is more the exception than the rule. Most of our stands and blinds are strategically located along key movement corridors in the woods, between bedding and feeding areas, and along key rutting areas overlooking active scrapes and along rub lines. After each day, hunters are picked up and return for a hot meal.

While our deer density is lower than many places in the United States, the odds of encountering a true monarch are ever-present. We have found heads scoring well over 200 inches B&C, that have died of old age.

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Rifle November Whitetail Rut Hunt:
Archery September & October Whitetail Hunt:  
Rifle November Mule Deer Hunt:  

Archery September & October Mule Deer Hunt:
License & Allocation Fee:
$5,850 USD
$4,850 USD
$6,250 USD
$5,850 USD
$500 USD

● Pick-up/drop-off at Edmonton International Airport, full guide service, food & lodging, transportation during the hunt, field care of meat and trophies

Not included:
● License and allocation fee, Federal Goods & Services tax (GST), taxidermy, game processing & associated packaging/shipping, guide/cook gratuities, flights or other transportation to/from Alberta

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