AHA’s six-day full-service black bear hunts occur in north-central Alberta. While we specialize in spot and stalk hunting, baited hunts are also available.

The wilderness camp experience is available, however most of our guests tend to prefer staying in a nearby hotel. This is a leisurely hunt with very high odds for each hunter to take two bears.

A typical spot and stalk day begins mid-morning with breakfast and hunters travel with their guide along logging and oil & gas roads and trails in search of bears. Once a bear is spotted, a stalk is planned, and the guide and hunter move in for a shot. This hunt takes place in May and early June as the focus is on lush clover and other food sources. Various color phases are prevalent in our area.

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Spot & Stalk (2 Bears):
Baited (2 Bears):
License & Allocation Fee:
$4,500 USD
$4,500 USD
$350 USD

● Pick-up/drop-off at Edmonton International Airport, full guide service, food & lodging, transportation during the hunt, field care of meat and trophies

Not included:
● License and allocation fee, Federal Goods & Services tax (GST), taxidermy, game processing & associated packaging/shipping, guide/cook gratuities, flights or other transportation to/from Alberta

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